Top Hitting Consultant, Mike Huber, Taught 70 Teams to Hit at a Championship Level in One Season, Using One Simple Yet EXPLOSIVE Hitting Technique.
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While studying the swing mechanics of some of baseballs greatest hitters, I realized that Ted Williams’ swing seemed opposite of the others and opposite from they way most players have been taught to swing the bat. Some of the younger coaches and players are starting to use rotational mechanics, which the basis of the Ted Williams swing. These coaches and players are not yet convinced of the huge potential that lay in front of them. They are missing the key ingredient that makes Ted’s swing so powerful.

In 1995 I discovered the key. I knew deep within myself that this was it; the key to Ted Williams’ unique hitting style. That same year I decided to test it out on teams and by 2002, I taught the secret technique to over 80 different teams. By simply learning the technique, the teams increased their batting averages and slugging percentages by more     
Ted’s special hitting technique was so miraculous that I wrote a letter to Ted Williams back in 2001, thanking him for his unconventional ideas about hitting. I told him all the stories that were manifesting in front of my eyes. As a matter of fact, I researched hitting coaches who could regularly come in and totally change a team around by helping them increase their team batting average by 50-90 pts. The only person I could find was Ted Williams himself. That’s right, as a manager with the Washington Senators, Ted Williams helped every hitter in the line-up increase his batting average between 50-90 pts. To my knowledge, this had never been done by anyone other than Ted. I wanted to Mr. Williams to know that I understood the message he was sending in his book and that I was getting those same results on a regular basis.
Teaching John Henry Williams His Father’s Batting Technique!
In 2003, I got a call from Ted Williams' son, John Henry Williams. He asked if I could resurrect his personal baseball career after going 1 for 42 while playing minor league ball down in the South East Pro League. I taught John Henry is father’s technique and after only 2 weeks, he hit .296 with 3 doubles. He was even named player of the month. I have no doubt that John Henry's hitting streak would have continued had it not been for the Leukemia that took his life only a few months later. I also have no doubt that John Henry would have lived up to his father’s legacy as one of the best baseball hitters in history.
Although it is debatable as to who is the best baseball hitter of all time, few will disagree that Ted Williams was successful with his unconventional hitting style. “Tapping into the Spirit of Ted Williams,” takes you along on one man’s journey, from an athletic childhood to the discovery of a secret that could change the sport of baseball forever.
“Inspirational and captivating; this story will be remembered for lifetimes to come.”
"From the second Coach Hubie arrived on campus he preached about hitting for a high average and driving the ball to all fields with power. Obviously, we all wanted this to happen but no one was sure if we could really improve that much. Well the results are in, our team mashed throughout the year as we led the nation in hitting for a 2 week stint during one part of the season. Hubie showed that when good hitters do his drills and practice what he preaches, YOU WILL HIT like you never have before!! I never could have imagined that a Junior College team could have a team batting average of over .350, and slug over .600!! Coach Hubie not only improved our swings at Oakton but also taught us a lot of what you must do mentally to be successful in baseball!!"

- John Suvada (Oakton Community College); All-Conference Catcher Oakton Community College
The program I teach is so simple, that I can pull a hitter out of slump in 1-3 days training on average. Struggling teams that call on me for help, can double their run production after the first couple training sessions, in the Middle of the Season!
"I got Hubie to train my travel team in Barrington, Il. We were a .500 ball club and averaged 4-5 hits per game and 5-6 runs per game. Most of our kids were being trained by professional hitting instructors with little results. After working with Hubie during the season we quickly saw results. After the first practice we had 13 hits and 2 homers in our first game, and after the third practice with Hubie we had 27 hits and 21 runs in the next game. My son went from a .300 hitter to batting .667 after doing the drills. We went form an average travel team to a final 4 team in our league tournament all in one and a half weeks training with Hubie!"

- Bob Jones, Barrington Travel
Read the True Story that Will Be Handed Down for Generations!
After all, hitting is the hardest skill to learn in baseball, isn’t it? I believe a lot of information about hitting has scrambled the simplicity of hitting a ball with a bat. As a matter of fact, I had to totally erase every memory of what I learned from little league to my division-1 college days at Illinois State in order to see this simple 2 step process right in front of me. The hardest part of the whole process is breaking old/bad habits. I learned how to detect and reverse a bad habit very quickly, in myself and in hitters. For this reason, I was dubbed the “Hubie Magic” by some of the teams I trained. The funny thing is…There is no magic involved, it is pure science.
It is pure science but not perfect science, but a 90% success rate is pretty damn good. Since 1995, 9 out of 10 individual hitters and teams that took my training lessons, have improved their hitting by at least 50 points.
The Technique I teach helps hitters hit the ball harder and farther, consistently. When training teams, it is my goal to find at least 4-6 hitters in the line-up that believe in what I teach and take my lessons seriously. When several players on the team learn to hit like a 3 hole hitter, they go from hitting around .350 to hitting .500 or higher. This usually leads the team to a position of hitting like a championship team. They have a chance to slug their way to through the play-offs. Most hitters in the line-up are athletic enough to be 3 hole hitters….they just need the right technique and practice routines to get there!
The following video tells the story about the power of this “Magic” training system…It’s proof that this technique really works!

No worries on this one. Most coaches have built great foundations with their hitters. My system simply adds to that foundation by teaching a special technique and drills. Once coaches and hitters see how easily it works, there is an appreciation of the simplicity involved and they are soon on the road to becoming championship teams.
Are You a Championship Team? Take the Quiz and Find Out.
What do College World Series, High School State Champs, and Championship Travel Teams hit on average?
On average, these types of teams:
1. Hit .330 or higher
2. Slug .450 or higher
3. Score 6-8 runs per game
These numbers are the exact numbers I am averaging with all the teams I have trained. When you hire me to train on site, these results are guaranteed. Learn more about the Training course by going to
Hi, I’m coach Mike “Hubie Magic” Huber.
People of all ages love the sport of baseball and those who play the game desire to be good at the game they love. With my training system and hitting technique, you, your child or your team can have the tools they need to be the best they can be as an individual player and as a team player.

If you are a parent, coach, teacher or you just love baseball. The story of John Henry Williams combined with the secret to being a great hitter like Ted Williams will inspire and motivate all baseball fans and players from anywhere in the world.

Baseball is a universal game that has become part of history. The hitting technique I discovered has the potential to change the game of baseball as we know it. I invite you to be a part of the change that takes baseball to a whole new level.
So What Exactly is This Revolutionary Training Technique?
The same results are achieved using any type of bat.
It teaches you how to develop and release a certain hip muscle called the psoas.
With the proper release technique, the psoas muscle creates an explosive yet effortless chain reaction of all other muscles that contribute to the swing.
It is a technique not seen anywhere else.
This technique prevent the hitter from sliding forward to their front foot or going off balance.
It is the glue that hold the body and head together in perfectly balanced state during the swing.
This technique makes hitting off-speed pitches and curve balls easier.
It keeps the batter in a controlled attach mode.
With this technique, there is no need to choke up, widen your stance or change your swing mechanics.
As a Peak Performance Teacher, Mike has the ability to improve a hitters confidence from the very first training session. His training program for hitters has a built-in confidence program. The combination training program is based on SEEING, BELIEVING, TRUSTING, CONTINUING AND FINISHING.

With Mike’s elite training program, he follows hitter training with confidence classes that build mental toughness; and gives players the tools they need to get to the next level as quickly as possible.
You can learn more about Mike’s confidence training course in his book, “The Ultimate Book on Confidence and Mental Toughness (Volume 1 for Athletes and Coaches).”
More Testimonials

I realize that we do not know each other and anyone can claim anything on the Internet. I have a long list of testimonials from coaches and players who have used my services. They are available for you to contact to verify my credibility and results of my training program.

For more information.

You can talk to me personally by calling my Hotline at: 847-312-1061

By 2009, this technique helped 2 different high schools win state championships, 3 college teams hit between .350 and .400  and enter the top ten in the nation. This secret technique set over 50 different high school, and NCAA hitting records, including team, individual, and state records! The amazing thing about this was that most  of these  teams were very mediocre hitting teams in years past ( .250 and under).
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Tapping into the Spirit of Ted Williams is a beautifully written, true story that pulls you in from the very first page. You won’t be able to put it down. It is a story that will soon make history in the world of baseball. Whether you are a player, a coach, a fan or just someone on your own road to self-discovery, this story will touch your heart and become part of your soul. In spoken words or in print, Tapping into the Spirit of Ted Williams will be retold for generations to come.

- Kimberly Hawthorne - A Fan
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